Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Release: Drunk On Cum 6

Treasure Island Media has just released another video that I performed in. This time it's the dick sucking, cum guzzling extravaganza... Drunk On Cum - Part 6. I've posted a preview and some photos of the action to peak your interest. Hope you like!

The description for the movie follows but I think I can sum it up by communicating the experience I had while filming my scene... A bunch of cock hungry pigs sucking any cock they see and greedily swallowing every load that shoots. Fun!

Official description from Paul Morris...
"There are stages in the life of a true cocksucker. When you're a junior cocksucker, you learn about teeth, breathing, how to use your tongue. When you get more advanced, it's time to get serious about that gag reflex, opening your throat, being happy and willing to suck and swallow whatever's put in front of your face.

No matter what stage you're at, there's always time for some good old basic training.

At TIM, we've all but set up a school for advanced cocksucking. And guys come to us all the time asking for experiences that will hone their skills, and give them the edge that'll make men line up to shove their dicks down a well-trained, ever-hungry gullet.

So sit back, get to stroking your cock, and watch some ace dick-dogs doing their damnedest to learn the finer points of the timeless art of man-pleasing.
- Paul Morris"

You can check out this video by CLICKING HERE.

OK... so my dog Cynder is not in the movie but she looked SO CUTE
after I gave her a bath today that I just had to share this photo.


Chip in DC said...

Great job, Nick! Your blog is the best. Thanks, Superman.

Kevin said...

So you and Blake Daniels seem to work a lot together....coincidence or special connection?

Stan said...

Love it when a guy asks "you want that fuckin' load?"

Cynder does look cute! Must be nice taking a bath with you.

lick69 cock said...

love gay ass

gay porn said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice...but it should "pique your interest". Pique is a French word meaning prick (coincidence?)

Anonymous said...

I love bareback sex, but TIM films make me want to take a three-hour shower and a therapy session after. They're often gross just for gross' sake (the drinking jars of juices stuff isn't sex to's a character flaw.) Dark Alley wins my vote over TIM every time.